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    Hi all, I've had my '88 for about 9 years now and have not driven it much at all, (87k orig miles on it). Anyway, I want to start playing with it a little again and am looking for advice on suggested ways to improve power and gas mileage (if it is possible to do both).I'm not a very experienced wrench turner so I'm looking for stuff that is easy to do myself first .
    Right now, it is bone stock except for the K&N filter. It has 3:08 gears and the 700r4 which was rebuilt a couple thousand miles ago.. I am hoping to do the following soon and would like your opinions
    Turbo city TBI package, possibly new injectors as well. I need a new muffler and I think the cat as well. Should I stay with the single or go dual? Any suggestions on brands that have worked for you guys? I would like a nice tone but still be able to talk at highway speeds. Which diameter exhaust would be best to prevent the low-end torque from getting any worse than it already is? I really don't want to change the gearing yet but I realize that may be what's needed. I also eventually want to do a 2" body lift or shackle reversal and go to 33" tires.
    Sorry for being so long winded. Thanks in advance for any help ,
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    if you're going with larger diameter tires, a gear ration change is a must. especially if you're going to 33s. i'd say go 3.73s or 4.11s. they'll help in highway and city driving/power, respectfully.
    what type of driving are you going to do with it(sand/dirt/rocks/street).
    as for exhaust, check with you local smog laws. here in CA, sometimes it's not even worth it. especially if you're staying on road. for strictly off road you can junk the cat and go for the dual exhuast, if you know what i mean...

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    <font color="green"> UNless your cat is clogged up there's not alot to gain from it for the price. If you don't have to deal with smog just hollow it out or eliminate it completely. For the muffler, I've heard good things about Spintech, but haven't tried them out. Flowmasters are always good too, go with the Delta series to keep the noise down on the freeway. I wouldn't go any larger than 3" for a single tube or 2.25 for dual, any bigger and you'll start losing low end torque on a mild engine.

    Oh yeah, I think you mean a shackle flip to get some height, a reversal is when you put the shackle on the opposite end of the spring. I'm sure you know this, but you can only do a flip in the rear for height.The fronts are already in compression so flipping (if it were possible on the GMs, which it isn't /forums/images/icons/smile.gif ) would lower it.

    Good luck! </font color>
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    Sorry, I forgot to add, I will be doing mostly city, fire and forest road, mild offroading and highway. Think that covers it. I live in Colorado
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    I have 33" tires, single exhaust with a Flowmaster and 2 1/2 " lift and I'm pretty happy with that. I am planning on swapping in some 4.11 gears later this year when I have the finances, if you want to feel a big change in low end torque I think the gears will give you more than engine modifications.
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    Do any of the "chips" assist with lower end torque? any experiences out there? Also, whats the sweet area of the RPM range with the 350?
    thanks again, your posts are very helpful. I took it in yest and it passed emissions with flying colors.
    Now to start playing.

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