Where To get Rear Yoke Balanced

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    I was forced to swap in my rear axle quicker than I planned since the Gov-Loc that I didn't know I had (says how good it worked eh?) bit the dust last night.

    Today I swaped in the new to me 10 Bolt w/ 4.56 and Detroit. I also put new front and rear U-joints in. But when we went to hook up the d-shaft the yoke on the new axle used U-Bolts where the old one used straps. So, off to the store I go only to get a dumn look at all of them except Napa 'cuase it was closed. So I just decided to swap the yoke off my old axle and put it on the new one. Only thing is the dust cover that goes behind the yoke on the old axle had two weights on it and the new one only had one. Well now I'm getting a bad vibration I'm guessing around 45 give or take some. Could this be the yoke out of balance or did I screw up and put the shims in upside down? I made sure to put them correct front to back but I didn't think of checking to make sure that they were right side up if that even makes a difference.

    Anyone know what the problem might be?


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