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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by The Loner, Aug 30, 2002.

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    I saw you had 3/4 ton gear and 35" swampers then beefed 1/2 ton gear and 37" mtr before you had what you have now. Just curious which you liked better for an all around truck? Can't decide if I want a bigger axle or beef up what I have. Thanks--B
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    Most efficient setup I could have run would be to keep the 14FF, shave it, and run a 37" radial. Gear it to get you down the road at the speed you want to run and with your tranny high gear.
    The 12 bolt with 37's was great clearance but far from an efficient way to get it, and I like having the bigger brakes of the 3/4T axles. There are still situations where a super FF 12 bolt might make sense, but if you're starting from scratch, the 3/4t axles are hard to beat.
    Heck a 14 bolt SF axle would work well too.

    If I was planning on keeping 35" tires for a while, I'd keep a 12 bolt and put in some good alloy axleshafts, like moser's, superior, Randy's, etc. With a good locker this will be a good all around also.
    Knowing that most of our customers keep getting deeper and deeper into the hobby, I have a hard time not recommending a set of 3/4T axles as a good place to start.

    This should give you a combo you can run down the road smoothly, get decent milage, and work very well offroad. We're not talking set up for totally hairy trails, but you could run any of the traditional hard stuff and still drive it home.

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