Which shop to isntall?

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    There are two companies i can go to to get my gears put in... 1 is a professional shop and my friend has gotten gears there and says they are excellet, they are chargin over 200 per axle... this other place specializing in lifts is charding me 150 back 180 front but i dont know if thats the price to put them in with a master install kit (almost like a rebuild im told)
    They may charge me more if i pull out the master install kit and tell them to put it in. No one i know has gotten gears from them.. but they are a well reputable company for lifts and stuff... should i go with the more experiences for more $$ or the one im not so sure about with almost half the cost.

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    It shouldn't be much extra for the kit. They might hit you like $20 bucks to press off and on the carrier bearings but that is it. Everything else is right there. I would find out what kind of warranty you get from each and go with the one with the best

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