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    Man, i whitesmoked the truck yesterday, it was great. This guy was behind me that goes to my school in his Bronco, and i floored it, and i guess there was just the right amt of mud on my tires cause i had just played around in this field (but he didnt see it) So my tires spin just a little from the mud, and then they catch the pavement, and this huge cloud of white smoke billows op from my rear end and i just sit there for like 5 seconds with my foot to the floor...it was beautiful. Then he pulled up next to me at this light, and he was like.."DANM Jake, what do you have under the hood?" and then, even though i have a 350, I told him i had a 454...hahaha, oh well i guess its okay to fantasize. wow, that was one big long run-on sentence...oh well.


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