Who from Mckinney read the paper???

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    JimmyK5 (I think) and the others, who saw that wreck w/the F-350 on the front page? that was one of my better friends mike beat...they didnt put the whole damn story in the damn paper....the guy was parked over the hill, he had cones up but they were about 30 ft. in front of him still on the other side of the hill, mike was drivin into the 8 AM sun, and didnt know what he hit...went out to help the guy, took off his shirt and wrapped it around his bleeding head, and the other worker stood there cussing at him....he told me he was more scared of the guy cussing than at the wreck. the ranchand totally saved him though...here's the link to read the story whoever wants to know...just pissed off...can't imagine what he's goin through...

    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.courier-gazette.com/front1.shtml>http://www.courier-gazette.com/front1.shtml</a>

    Mike Dee

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