who has put discs on a rear dana 60?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by **DONOTDELETE**, Apr 17, 2002.

    will the brackets for a 14 bolt work? will a 3/4 ton rotor fit on the dana 60 hub? thanks
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    Mar 8, 2001
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    I've got two rear D 60s. (one for back-up, if the Reverse 60 doesn't cut it)

    The stock houseing, I think is from a 78-ish Dodge (don't hold me to that) Houseing width, from spindle thread to thread is 71 inches long.

    Stock Rear D 66 Sindle is streight cut, with no stepped bearing, spindle dia is 2 inches. Bearing seats are spread 3 inches.
    A stock Front D 44 spindle is stepped (the outer bearing is smaller) spindal dia is 1.75" inner and 1.625 outer, spread is 1.5 inches.
    So, the stock D44 hob/roters will not fit.

    The backing plate flange bolt pattern is the common 4 stud set-up with a stud-to-stud spread of 3.5 inches.

    The other houseing is a one-off custom job. A 1 inch thick ring was welded to the axle tube with a bolt pattern that matches the stock 10-bolt front spindle. I was able to use stock 10-bolt backing plate, hub, roter and locking-hub.

    Hope that helps some, maybe ????
  2. wow, no one else with a rear 60 and discs?
  3. m j

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    Dec 28, 2001
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    its a chev forum.
    why run a 60 when the 14 is a bolt in?
    go to a Ford forum and this would get a ton of 'i do's
  4. well gee, anyone can just go bolt some sh*t on. i've done it twice already and it only takes a day. easiest chevy swap around. just wanted to do something different.

    the 60 is from a 69 GMC by the way. no ford crap on my rigs!
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    Yeah, what's wrong with rear Dana 60s? Every one here seems to have a problem with them. Yes, my rear axle is from a Furd, but I don't care. TSM Mfg. sells the mounting brackets and other parts for the conversion. They're kinda pricey, but its the only place I've found that sells the brackets. Give them a call at (303)688-6882 and request a catalog of their products. Oh, the 14FF brackets won't work, but the dana 44 8-lug rotors will press on to your rear hubs after you press off the drums. You use your existing hubs and bearings, but you just replace the drums with the discs. Hope this helps.


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