Who knows Toyotas?

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by Capman2k, Jul 1, 2003.

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    I test drove an 87 Toyota today... In 5th gear, there's kind of a grinding noise... the owner said that he had it checked out by a mechanic who said it's because the 31 inch tires put extra stress on the poor little 4 cyl engine. He said if I mix some kind of gear oil with the regular oil it would make the noise stop, but he never did it and has been driving it regularly...

    anyone know about this? Should I say hell no and run away?

    They're asking $2500, but I MIGHT be able to get em down to $2000 since that's a lot closer to what I might be able to get for my Explorer... pretty decent shape, they've used it for camping and hauling stuff (ya know, what trucks are built for) so it's not pretty... no rust or dents that I could find, and like I said above it's got 31 inch tires... didn't think to check the mileage...
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    check the mileage, what motor, if i were you, id pop in over to yotatech.com and join up real quick and ask them, real knowledgeable group there, but i can say that in OD my 87 4 runner doesnt make any grinding noises..

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