Why am I the oddball?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Emmettology 101, Aug 24, 2000.

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    Ok, no jokes i opened my self up with that topic!

    Ok, mags, and people here and people other places say that the inner shaft of the 10 bolts and the 44's are different and cant be used together.

    Well, when my firned fixed his broken wheel joint the other day I brought over a 10 inner shaft for him to use. He slide it into the axle and it went in fine with no play.

    We even took both inner shafts and put them spline to spline and they all looked to line up. This 10 bolt is not a newer model with the 30 spline, that I know of. I also have used axles from other 10 bolts that work just the same and I know that they are definatley not the newer style 30 spline(89-91 = 30 spline, correct?)

    So, why are these lining up and working? I will be pulling my 44 soon, to replace it and I will pull the carrier out and slide a shaft in to get a close up look at the 10 bolt shaft in the 44 carrier.

    Why am I the oddball? LOL

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    Ya know, I dug out an old fourwheeler the other night, and I'll be danged if they were'nt rebuilding an old 44. Talked about BE CAREFUL of the older style shafts or something. I'll reread it tonight and see what they say.

    And yes, you are an oddball!! j/k

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    Are you really sure that one is actually from a 10-bolt?
    I have done alot of research concerning this since I have broken two front axle u-joints (messing up the yokes) on my '90s front 30-spline 10-bolt axle and have had problems finding replacement parts.
    All older (pre-'89 or so) 10-bolts were 28 splines with an overall smaller diameter shaft (1.28" vs. 1.31"). As far as I know, there was never an 28 spline Dana 44. The later model 10-bolts have the the same diameter and spline count but are still slightly different lengths then the 44 and have a different pitch on the splines. The difference in length is about an 1/2", with one side being longer and the other shorter when comparing the inner shafts between the 10-bolt and Dana 44 and holds true for both the 28 and 30 spline 10-bolt axles when compared to 44's. The outer shafts are the same between the two. You can also reference Warn's homepage for this info. Look under the products page for their alloy axleshafts which has a chart with actually lengths. I will also try to attach a picture of the short side (right side) 30-spline 10-bolt axle out of my '90 as compared to the Dana 44 axle. Steve Watson at ORD could also explain this. You can clearly see the difference in overall length and the different location of the machined seal surface. I guess that you could probably swap an 44 and 30 spline axleshaft back and forth (meaning that it would physically fit) but I would be worried about the change in length hurting something (such as only having a small amount of spline contact in the carrier because of a shorter length).
  4. See emmet you are an odd ball!!LOL Hey what are you going to do with your old difs?They would look good under my blazer.LOL


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