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Wilderness Society Extremists!

eagle mark

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Nov 18, 2004
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North Idaho!
You want to keep some off road areas? Well you better get off your butts and get involved! Do something! Everywhere all the time, there is never a time to rest. Someone is always working no matter what to take away all our public access to everything and Off Roading is their number one priority!

Take for instance all the issues this country has right now? Well look what Wilderness Socity is worried about?


Thank you for supporting The Wilderness Society as we keep fighting to reverse devastating budget cuts to National Parks and other wild places.

I wanted to show you what your support means.

This is Alan Rowsome, one of our policy experts on federal budgets and appropriations. Today he testified before Congress to tell them what these budget cuts are doing to America’s wild lands, and what needs to be done to prevent continued degradation.

It’s from support from people like you that allows The Wilderness Society to work the halls of Congress and be leaders in conservation. Without your support America’s wild places would be under greater risk of being drilled, mined or clearcut.

Thank you again for your support and we will keep fighting for America’s wildlands both on the ground and on the Hill, making our voices and yours heard to the people in power.


Jamie Williams

They are before congress telling there lies of what budget cuts are doing.

What are you doing?


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Sep 8, 2010
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Hot Springs, AR
Yeah, "preserve these beautiful wildlife habitats". How do you know they're beautiful? They're removing access to the public so no one will ever see if they're beautiful. I'd say most off roaders take better care of the enviroment in which they wheel because we all know if we abuse it, we lose it. I can spend all day wheeling in the woods and you'd never know I've been there.

But the whole time I'm out wheeling in the forrest I see loads of crap dumped because people are too cheap to spend $40 at the dump. Instead of crying to congress, they'd actually do some good if they walked around with a trashbag for a few hours.

The above statement didn't talk about off roading, but I know many groups do focus on that. Just boils down to ignorance. They don't really know what the problems are. Forrests, state or federal, if they're clear cutting timber (which all parks do), they're practicing archaic means of logging. It's still being practiced everywhere, but clear cutting is definitly not the best way to get timber. It's just the cheapest way for loggers to do it. I know here in the Ouachita Nat'l forrest they've started to 'thin' instead of clear cut.

And if more state and national forrests had truely dedicated orv parks, not only would it bring in money, it would help prevent some damage that is done by guys who just plow over everything. The guys bringing in all the money are the private orv parks. Which is great, gives us a place to go, they take good care of their land. But you get bored going to the same park. Really, I'd say most larger state/federal parks are barely used. Probably 80% of the area is never used.

Part of that thing you posted is definitly true though. Budget cuts, not as much money are going to these parks. Which is why harvesting timber, mining, and drilling is neccessary, otherwise the parks couldn't stay open. I know in WA, their state parks you have to get a discovery pass to enter any of them now. But it's like $15 a year or something. It sucks, I've never once had to pay to go to a park, but at least you know all of that money is going to them. But it shows, here in AR, Ouachita is a federal park/forrest, free for all. Garbage dumped ALL over the place out on trails away from the "park" and camping/fishing areas. Never saw that in WA, even in the most remote places. Because they have the money to spend on extra ranger patrols and clean up.
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