Will a TPI 350 "Drop In"?

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    Will a TPI 350 \"Drop In\"?

    Alright, guys. Help me out!

    I have been talking to many TPI gooroos over the past couple of months about how to do the TPI swap into my 86 Chevy. I also had a post on this site about if I had everything in order. The total cost was going to be almost $500 above the cost of the engine. The engine is a TPI 350 out of a 1989 Firebird, so it has the MAF system, rather than the preffered Speed Density system. Now, my question is... If I just take my stock harness, hook it up, use the original computer and somehow disable VATS, will the engine run? Now, how do I disable VATS? I think it was either BigB or BigBurban (I always get those two guys mixed up) that ran through how to do it on my last post. So, refresh my memory guys. Now - what do you think? Will the engine run w/o modification? Let me know!!

    Thanks guys!!!!


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    Re: Will a TPI 350 \"Drop In\"?

    Not being a guru but driving a rad 406 with TPI, I can comment a bit. I would suggest getting a Painless Wiring harness meant for the MAF. I don't understand enough to say your original harness would or wouldn't work, but I believe there are differences in the wiring that might cause you problems. The "original" computer you are referring to - I didn't catch which "original" you were talking about, your truck ('86) one or the '89 Firebird? Definitely think you need the Firebird one. VATS is disabled with the programming in the chip, seems you would need another chip burnt. Cost ya about $100 from what I hear. All that said, if you use all the correct hardware off the Firebird (making sure the heads you have will mate [​IMG] to the TPI unit) and a new wiring harness (worth doing for ease of hookup and looking neat and clean), new chip with VATS disabled, using the Firebird computer with that new chip, it SHOULD [​IMG] run nicely. My first go-round with my Blazer was installed, um, lets say, by Gepetto the Cobbler and was done half-baked to say the least and STILL ran like a bat out of hell. I would invest the extra couple of hundred bucks in the chip and wiring harness and make it right.

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