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    Well one of the mailing lists I am on is for Friends of the Rubicon. One of the clubs out west is fighting a trail closure and needs to raise funds. They have a 2003 Wrangler thay are auctioning off to raise the funds. Very worth while and even if your not a Jeep fan you can always sell it if you win and use the cash on your K5 /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
    It's a 1 in 500 chance max! So a heck of a lot better odds than buying 100 lotto tickets!
    Here is the letter from Del Albright

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    I'm taking the liberty of posting this raffle notice on our Rubicon list for a couple reasons:
    1. New Mexico has trails that come close to beating or at least equaling the Rubicon and many of us still dream about wheeling in Farmington or Las Cruces;
    2. Many FOTR folks are from NM and have supported us (FOTR); and
    3. Because if we need to raise funds for the Rubicon someday (big money), we may have to reach out with something similar. Don't get nervous, I'm just thinking ahead. But this is a way of building bridges, with our Rubicon in mind. The anti-access folks have brought the hammer down on the Las Cruces folks. Let's help them if we can.
    Thanks, Del
    &gt;Subject: LAF Fund Raffle
    &gt;Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 03:43:44 +0000
    &gt;X-Authenticated-Sender: MjliR1UvRDxYMDM0QE9gWDkqXS1dZFtWXlAqWUJTSVFbXlg=
    &gt;As some of you may know, we at Las Cruces Four Wheel Drive Club in
    &gt;with Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association have been in a lawsuit
    against the
    &gt;BLM over road closures in the Las Cruces area. The green groups that
    &gt;joined this action on behalf of the government have come very close to
    &gt;depleting our funds.
    &gt;The Las Cruces club has procured a 2003 Jeep Wrangler X to raffle in
    &gt;support of
    &gt;the SW Land Action Fund. 100% of the net proceeds will go to this Land
    &gt;Fund. We will be selling a maximum of 500 tickets at $100.00 each.
    &gt;we will sell 499 tickets, the 500th will be raffled to one of the
    &gt;others for an
    &gt;extra chance. The drawing will be at the 2003 Chile Challenge on
    &gt;February 22nd
    &gt;after the SW raffle. The Chile Challenge will be held from February
    19th thru
    &gt;the 22nd at the Southern New Mexico Fairgrounds just west of Las Cruces.
    &gt;drawing will take place as long as we have sold a minimum of 200
    &gt;Other wise we will wait till such time that we have sold the 200
    &gt;I feel very confident about selling all the tickets on this project,
    &gt;as long as
    &gt;we can get the word out to the true protectors of our lands. Iím
    &gt;talking about
    &gt;the people that are donating more than this amount just because the
    cause is
    &gt;just. Our problem is the short amount of time we have.
    &gt;What I hope each of you will do is take this information to the people
    &gt;would purchase these tickets and help us in the action against the BLM.
    &gt;have always felt that this lawsuit has precedent setting value. We are
    &gt;close to a trail date and we really donít want to give up now due to a
    lack of
    &gt;For ticket information contact Tony Leillo 505-649-5489 or Jerry Ward
    &gt;4776, also the web link at the bottom of this page for purchasing
    tickets with
    &gt;Thank you for your time and consideration in this project.
    &gt;Best regards,
    &gt;Jerry Ward
    &gt;3553 Appaloosa Drive
    &gt;Santa Teresa, NM 88008
    &gt;505-589-4732 home
    &gt;915-253-4776 cell

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