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    Has anyone used cable clamps to repair a broken winch cable?
    I did a dumb thing a put my winch cable in a place were it got stuck and broke while I was trying to unbend my tierod.

    The cable broke about a foot fromt he end so I wont be loosing much. I talked to a friend of mine who owns a tow truck company and he said they use the cable clamps on their winch lines when they break and tha they dont have any problems with them.

    What do you guys think? I bought two clamps and was going to use this line for a little while until I got my diffs done and then buy a new cable and used the repaired cable as a spare.

    Are cable clamps ok to use and will they be safe?

    I was going to use three but then just bought two, should I go buy a third or a forth and use them?

    ALso the guy with the two truck buisness said to make sure that i put the side of the clamp with the nuts on the "live" side. Meaning the side that has the broken end gets the u bolt and the other side that goes to the winch gets the nut side of the clamp.



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    I don't know but I think I would just get a new cable and chalk that one up as a lesson learned or mistake made you'll never do again!!
    Sure would hate to have thoes clamps fail on ya at the wrong time!!![​IMG]

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    Well, Emmett when I was in the Navy we had cables of the same caliber nad they would not repair them. Of course they had the money to get new ones. The thing is I've seen cables and even ropes break and cut 6-8" pieces of pipe in half. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that thing under a load. To dangerous, but just for extra leverage or something weak like that maybe. But not pulling a 4500 lb beast off a rock.

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