Winter Semi-restoration starting soon!

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    My 72 GMC Jimmy is going under the knife here in about 3 weeks, doing a pretty major restoration (major for me.) The goal is not to build a show car, but a functional 4x4 that I can continue to use to offroad here in NC.


    Slide in a rear axle I bought, 12 bolt, 3.73s that has a Lock Right already in it. Old 12 bolt, 3.73s will be used for parts/spares for the offroad trips. (Major thanks to RyanNC for the axle!!!)

    Herculiner the bed, and tub area all the way up the firewall. We are going to cut/remove and replace any rusty areas while we are at this and hope to make the bed/cab area nice clean look.

    Remove any rust on the outside panels and repaint the Jimmy the original red (orange) and black to look like the 2-tone pickups from that same year. (Cheyannes) We will be using the same kind of paint that was used originally which is supposed to be much easier to use than the modern paints, sealers, clear coats, etc.

    Replacing the body mounts with "Energy Suspension mounts???" Quite possibly adding a 2" body lift at this point as well, since I will have them all off this makes alot of sense. Any help/recommendations on the body lift and poly mounts, suppliers, etc would be great. I just read a dzn threads on the subject, I am looking at PROTHANE mounts since I saw them mentioned elsewhere and good price.

    Body lift, has a 2" lift for under $100, can anyone else send me links on other alternatives? The 1" lift by ORD is not enough for my goal of 35s I dont think.

    I hope to be able to squeeze 35s in after a 2" body lift, 32s on it now with room for 33s I think. The old girl dont flex much and orig springs etc but seems to just glide thru the local trails at Uhwarrie!

    Custom Rock rails / Rocker protection. These will be made out of HEAVY guage iron and will be able to use them as lifting point for Hi-Lift jack, steps, etc. My rockers are nice and clean and I want to keep them that way! I have drawn up a couple sets of plans, they will change if I do the body lift though!

    Engine stuff....the Jimmy puffs smoke on startup, valve seats/seal things. I am thinking seriously of pulling the heads and having them rebuilt. Will check the lower block while I am in there to see if anything needs worked on. WOULD love to find an almost new engine/tranny/tcase to just slide in there, otherwise will rebuilt what I got. (Recommendations of stuff to do, while I am in there?)

    Rebuild the carb, possibly new carb/manifold if the $$$ works out. Q-jets seem to need alot of TLC and need rebuilding every year or two? Anything else a good reliable unit I wouldnt have to tweak on much?

    Possibly build custom center console to hold CB, stereo/speakers, HAM radio, storage, etc. New side covers for the bed to again hold speakers, etc. The jimmy has not had working radio in 5 years or more, might be time to get some BASS!!!! The Jimmy has a soft top from Kayline on it so I am wanting to build pretty much waterproof and 'stealth' boxes to keep the thieves away. is that for a BUSY winter. Luckily dad just finished a NICE 2 car garage/workshop behind his house and we are planning on using it for the restoration. I will send pictures as I work on it!

    Sam...soon to be very busy...Hinton

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