Wire and Top ?'s

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    Wire and Top ?\'s

    Ok since the site was down i had time to do other things.
    Pulled all the rear interior panels, seats, carpet, and took the top off cause it was sooo hot.

    1. The wires that run on the floor on the driver's side. I am cutting the speaker wire back under the dash, the orange and white ones for both dome light I am going to run overhead(looks like there is enough slack). What is the brown wire with the white tracer for, it also has a plug connector on the end. I am guessing seatbelt idiot light. I'd llike to know, it is not hooked up to anything, before I cut it if it is something i might want in the future.

    2. I toasted the top seals when taking it off. I know LMC sells them and I am getting a dealer quote, does Soft Seal make them?


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    Re: Wire and Top ?\'s

    I think your right. Should be for the seat belt buzzer. The driverside buckle should have The matching plug. Somebody probably replaced or pulled up the carpet and it got unplugged.

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