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    I posted earlier about my tail lights having problems. Now, I keep blowing fuses. When the fuse goes, all my gauges stop working. There was a 30 amp fuse in there so I replaced it with one and sure enough, it went out again. Now, I was driving home tonight from a friends house in the hills, and my headlights and instrument lights go out. I assume this is a fuse also. I am told that there is a bare wire somewhere that is causing the fuses to go ? Is there an easy way to find the bare wire or do I need to go over EVERY wire ? Thanks for any input.


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    Has the rig been rig wired for a trailer?
    You have light problems from front to rear?
    Start from the battery and check the connections.
    After that check all powerpoints and ground connections.
    blowing fuses is a dead short.
    Blowing the taillight fuse will lose the instrument lamps.
    The headlights are on a battery circuit.
    Losing headlights is a break in batt voltage.
    Blowing fuses means it is on the POS side of the circuit.
    I would suggest installing a circit breaker in what ever one is popping.
    Then start to do a shake test of the wiring.
    Yes sometimes ya have to go from front to rear.
    At least it is a K5 and not a 53' salvage trailer that has 7493 butt connectors in the light circuit that might be bad. /forums/images/graemlins/rotfl.gif

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