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    Grand Junction, CO
    Classic cars harken back, mark the end of dying breed

    By ERIK LINCOLN The Daily Sentinel
    Friday, October 13, 2006
    Local history lives in a 1936 Oldsmobile hearse with smashed windows and “Pam’s Hotel Supply” written in faded lettering on the back door.
    The hearse sits in the yard of American Auto Salvage at 2773 D Road, owned by Butch Jarvis, 62, of Grand Junction.
    Now, Jarvis is selling his salvage yard to neighboring Home Lumber because of strong demand for Grand Junction industrial property. As a result he must sell the remaining cars to clear the property, or crush what remains next spring.
    Jarvis makes a mental list of some of his 150 classic cars that are interspersed with the newer makes: a 1941 Plymouth, a 1963 Thunderbird, a 1938 Chevrolet, a 1965 Impala and a 1964 Ford convertible. The oldest car in the yard is a 1927 International Truck.
    Any remaining cars will be crushed once he sells his yard.
    Last month Jarvis auctioned some of the cars on eBay with limited success.
    He managed to sell a 1952 Plymouth station wagon to a person in Seattle for $1,500.
    Many of the cars’ have hollowed-out chassis from people buying or stealing spare parts. Jarvis points to a faded-mustard 1971 Pontiac Firebird with red stripes and grumbles about the thieves.
    “Christ, they stole the transmission,” Jarvis said. “It’s kind of a scarce car, but it’s still restorable. Depends on who wants to do it.”
    Jarvis bought his first car, a 1937 Plymouth, for $12 from a blind man in 1960. The rusted-out car now rests with the rest of his collection.
    A 1962 Mercury Meteor owned by Jarvis’ in-laws also sits — complete with vintage Mesa State College sticker — amongst the metal memories.
    “I’m a Ford man,” Jarvis said. “Mine are already stashed at the other yard.”
    After American Auto Salvage closes, Colorado will be left with only one other large yard with a classic car collection, Jarvis said, referring to a yard in Craig.
    Ralph Mika, of Grand Junction, helped Jarvis post the cars on eBay. Mika is a classic-car enthusiast who is restoring a 1937 Packard and 1953 Buick.
    While the cars can be bought whole, they also have value in their parts.
    A Buick bumper and front grill worth $500, a motor from a Ford pickup worth $200, and a chrome fender piece from an Oldsmobile worth $20 are easily pointed out by Jarvis.
    Mika said he can’t find the parts he needs for his cars at Jarvis’ yard, but he still will be sad to see the cars go.
    “It will be a grief loss,” Mika said. “Just going down and looking is often a pleasure.”
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    I hate hearing about all the old junkyards being phased out..the one I worked at was about the last one in MA that had any cars or trucks older than the 70's still there..we had cars from the 20's there,that had litteraly dissolved,and the doors and fenders were lying next to the bare frames!..

    There were dozens of 50's Packards,60's Lincoln's and Caddys,all kinds of other neat old vehicles,like Sunbeams,Hillmans,MG's,old Volvos,and about every 60's car you could think of--even had a few Henry J's and there is still SIX Packard "Woody" wagons there!...but the owner died in 1997,and his widow sold off all his bussnisses,he was a multi-millionaire,and the junkyard was more his personal hobby shop than a "real" bussiness,though he did sell parts to the public..people that visited the yard came from all over the USa,and Sweeden,Norway,and several other countries!..we sold some parts people had searched all over the world for!..

    The guy I worked with and I estimated that all of the 650 vehicles there still weighed at least a ton,despite having parts removed--those old cars were HEAVY!..when the widow decided to close the place,she only got 12-15 bucks a ton for all those classic cars,many of which had nice stainless trim,and numerous other useable parts still!..

    We estimated if she'd waited until this year to crush the place out,she'd have gotten 85,000 dollars,instead of 8,500!..scrap is 110 bucks a ton now!..we should have stripped all the parts we could get off,and sold them online..she could have kept the yard going for 3 years without costing her a dime,but its all history now..:doah:

    I get a knot in my stomach,and a lump in my throat every time I drive by there now,and see the place empty and abandoned..if I ever hit the lottery,I'd buy the place--its for sale,I hear 850,000 is the asking price..19 acres of good land..I'm suprised it hasn't been sold and made into condos yet.. ..I'd rather see a junkyard there,than yuppie castles or ghetto low income housing..:(

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