wives and trucks !!!!

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by teamhickman, Feb 28, 2005.

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    What a woman I married!:D

    So I get home from work today and the wife tells me there’s an issue with the truck title. So I immediately begin to bitch and she tells me to take a look at it. I open the file and see that the title has been changed over and she took it through emissions!

    Man what a surprise!:thumb:

    I couldn’t believe it…….she drove it, got the title taken care of and ran it through emissions!!!! She said it was hilarious when she got to the test station…..4 tech’s came over and in disbelief asked if she needed a hand getting in and out. God I would have loved to see that.

    Anyways…I love her and I love the fact that she was willing to do this today!!!

    So on to the emissions results…….

    HC in PPM (loaded)

    loaded reading = 193 Passed

    loaded standard = 400

    HC in PPM (Idle)

    Idle reading = 1026 failed

    Idle standard = 400

    CO in % (loaded)

    Loaded reading = 0.37 Passed

    Loaded standard = 3.75

    CO in % (idle)

    Idle reading = 0.31 Passed

    Loaded standard = 5.00

    So it looks pretty good……I assume at this point a tune up, timing verification, carb adjustment or rebuild will get the idle HC within limits.

    Any thoughts?


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    u are one lucky man. im hopin that one day i will find some one like that:grin:
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    With HC that high at idle, it should have a fairly substantial lean-miss at idle and smooth out once you are off idle. You can go ahead and do your tune-up, but before you use your free re-test, I would back the idle mixture screws OUT until that lean-miss goes away. With the CO being low and the HC being way high, it indicates that the idle mixture is waaay lean (could be a vacuum leak, but those will often affect the loaded readings as well). With the loaded numbers where they are, it looks like the motor should be in pretty good shape (combustion-wise).

    Congrats on a good score there (truck and wife:D )

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