Worst Breakage? Any good stories?

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    Man, too many stories to choose from.
    Personally- I'll pick my second time ever wheeling.Had pizza cutters(38.5x11 boggers) with a c-clip 10 bolt. Going up a steep shale hill and the front end starts hopping. Instead of stopping ( hey you learn as you go along) I hammered it. I look back at my rear end and see my wheel sticking out about three feet. I let her roll back into a ditch (I'm still on this steep hill). This happened at 10;00 am. It took us till 3;00 am next morning to get the truck back to a road. Learned a lot about other people that day but in the end a 4x4 club passing by spent 5-6 hours helping us.
    Have come accross- trail riding and pick up a guy asking for help on the CB. We're about 4 people. This guy tried to go a round a hole and ended up into a clay like mud swamp. He was seriously stuck. His whole front end summerged. Winched, snatched blocked. 2-3 hours. The 2" thick bumper hook that the winch cable is on snaps and one guy standing on the back of a cruiser goes flying and bops his nose ( Thank god the cable didn't catch anyone). Try again (2-1/2 hours into it) . Next thing we hear is a bang. His front Dana 60 got seperated out.Unreal. We were tired and fed up. Got his 4x4 club to come and help. It took 3 winches ,snatch blocking and another 5 hours to get him out.
    Last one for now. Came across his one- People , be smart when towing someone, Guy brakes down. Friend is towing him back to camp. They're going too fast. The guy getting towed looses it and goes down a 400 foot drop ( we're wheeling in the rockies). He rolls several times. Can't believe he doesn't bring the towing truck down with him. He was seriously hurt. A bunch of us did some first aid while we're waiting for the medic helicopter to arrive. One of his lungs collapsed. The second one collapsed in the helicopter. If the copter would have arrived 10minutes later, he would not have made it. He's okay now.
    I have lots more



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