Wow, 30 Minutes After A Clean Install, 2 Unhead Of Viruses Pop Up

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Mar 5, 2004.

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    As some of you may know

    I clean installed XP on a HP (icky) added a few programs from original discs and added a few I copied from my computer

    It's running Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

    It has Norton anti virus

    He calls me this morning (took it home last night)

    Norton says he has 2 viruses




    I know the top one is spelled right

    Thing is, I search the internet for either... nothing

    So is Norton misdiagosing a system file or something and when it tries to aprehend it it "locks up the computer"

    The only way I think he could have got it was from some pictures I salvaged from a clean install, a lot of folders on that install had DAV1.(unknown good file extension) on it, and I believe there was one in his pictures folder, but it registered as 1k large?

    I dunno whats going on at the moment

    Thanks for any help

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