Wow, I`m having just a fantastic night!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by NEK5, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Let`s start here. Today, as it happens...First, I`m not feeling well to begin with (got some kind of bug), then I was notified of a death in my best buds family...Then we fast forward to tonight. I go out to get some ginger ale, because it usually helps my stomach, so, get to the store, pull in, hit the edge of the curb on the entrance, and BOOM....there goes the front/pass side tire:mad: :mad: :mad: ...Pull put the little scissor jack, which literaly in my moms Scion XA, is the size of a pair of scissors:crazy:

    Put it underneath, find a suitable place...jack it up, remove tire, put donut on..Then I go inside, grab my stuff, head home...on the way home, apparently I didn`t see the giant f****ing pot hole in the street, and BOOM, there goes my donut:mad: :mad: . So i get out, donuts toast! Get back in, roll like a 100ft up to a safer spot, and pull off the road. Call AAA, find out where behind (my mom apparently never paid), hae to pay $200 or something dollar bill, then they send out a tow truck to get me, an hour later:mad: Of course, they had to make it hard and send a flat bed:rolleyes: Needless to say, I`m having an absolute fantastic day:mad:

    That is all.
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    aint life grand!, i just lost $100 on over draft fees on my debit card, just because i borrowed about 3 dollors 3 times and thats my totall of $112

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