wshington track needs help

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    this is not from me it was forwarded to the obh mail so i thought i would post it here for washington members

    I just got off the phone with the owner of Washougal MX Track (Ralph Huffman)
    >and there looks to be another meeting this Tuesday night, 7/2, 7pm at:
    >Emergency Services Center
    >710 W. 13th Street
    >Vancouver, WA
    >He would really appreciate it if a number of representative riding people
    >could show up to help his cause. Evidently, neighbors keep moving in closer
    >and closer to the track and are claiming that it's too noisy. His track has
    >been there for decades, and grandfathered, but rich neighbors are trying to
    >get it closed up and end the rich history and enjoyment that this track
    >offers. Please take the time and show up at the meeting to help keep the
    >best MX track in the nation open. Please pass this on to all your riding
    >friends in this area!
    >-Tom Niemela

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