Xmission and Xfer case inspection

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    Hey everybody, this is probably gonna be a stupid question, but....

    Is there any way to tell if a tranny and a transfer case is good/bad/indifferent when it is out of the truck. I am going to look at a 350 tranny and NP205 case, still mated, but out of the 78 pickup they came in. The guy said they worked when the truck ran, but that was months ago. Is there any way to know if it'll work when I bolt it up into my K5? Thanks everybody as always!

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    Kick them! If either f them gasp for air and fall over, then they are not healthy, but if they kick you back, they are in tip top shape!!!!!!

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    Aside from looking at the normal external physical state of both, in order to tell if they are in good shape inside, you will need to take them apart or put them in a vehicle and try them out.

    From the outside, look for cracks, leaks, JB Weld, welds, etc.. Anything abnormal. If there is nothing wrong outside and they are good deals, I would pick them up.
    You can get a TH350 rebuilt for around $400 and the 205 should be ok since it is strong and gear driven , but I would take it somewhere and have them open it just for an inspection. The inspection should only run you about $50 or less.

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    Drop the tranny pan, pull the t-case drainplug, check out the fluids.
    Tranny: Burnt smell, black, milky, chunky=BAD
    T-Case: Nasty sulfur smell, milky, chunky=BAD

    I'd rather spring for some fresh fluids and walk away, than spend the chunk of change and find out there's terminal damage. Just my 2 cents...

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