Yacht Explosion Causes Major Damage

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    Yacht Explosion Causes Major Damage
    LTVNEWS Staff

    Tuesday, July 26 2005, 5:14PM


    This morning a major yacht explosion occurred at Spider Bay Marina located in Little Current causing major damage to vessels docked in the area about 200 km east of Sault Ste. Marie.

    Manitoulin OPP officers were called to the scene after a large explosion occurred on a 36-foot Carver yacht that was docked at slip number 2 at the Spider Bay Marina. A large fire resulted that destroyed this vessel plus an adjacent 42 Foot Silverton yacht. Approximately a dozen other vessels docked close by experienced smoke and heat damage.

    The cause of the explosion is still under investigation however there was work being done on the engine of the 36-foot Carver yacht. Luckily there were no injuries in this explosion.

    The North East Manitoulin and Island Fire Department along with the Sucker Creek First Nation Fire Dept. responded quickly and extinguished the fire, which is credited in saving further vessels from damage.

    The marina was evacuated and an emergency evacuation center was set up at the Little Current Complex, which housed the owners of the vessels.

    The Ministry of the Environment was called to scene along with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, which will be conducting an investigation into the cause of the fire.

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