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Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by RLBstein, Mar 4, 2001.

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    Just rebuilt the blazer and i'm trying to get my vents to work(for the heater/air cond.) The trouble i'm having is the body came from an 85 with a 305, put the body on the 82 frame with the 6.2L and I cannot find the hose that runs from the vacuum pump, through the firewall to control the vents. Where the heck does the vacuum come from. The 85 had vacuum controlled vents and so did the 82, so I would guess it comes in from the same place on firewall. Please help, with the high humidity here it's hard to see through the windshield with the air blowing to the floor.

    82 Blazer
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    Seems you got the first question and no one answered you. If you look on the passenger side under the dash...take glove box will see some lines over there. From there I don't know. Mine had a T there. Hope that helps ya!!

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