YEAHHHH - 14B FF on the way - almost....

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    Jun 13, 2001
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    Key West, FL - Southernmost Point
    Brian60's just shipped my 14 Bolt FF from Oregon. I was too cheap to send it all the way to Key West, Fl.....hey ---- you look at a map and figure what I'd cost to send a 600 lb. package diagnally across the USA!

    It is going to a friends garage in San Antonio. I am going to visit my new axle on the 18th. I'll take pics and store it until I can get it to Key West. I'll be sure to let everyone know the status.

    BTW.....if any K5'ers are planning to go through San Antonio to Florida....I'd subsidize the trip with some gas money if they can bring it closer to me....just an idea. But I am still exicted to own a NEW 14B FF even if I can not use it! Wierd huh???

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