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    Okay, I know this has been covered before, but I ran a search and I couldn't find it. I know the 700r4 isn't the strongest tranny, but I need the OD, and I'll be rebuilding it with the B&M Transpak kit. How can I tell what year 700 I'm looking at, I know it has to do with the casting number, but I need more info. And, what year was it when the 700 was improved over the previous years? Thanks.[​IMG]

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    Not sure how to tell the year, but the 89-90 3/4 ton p/u 700r4, I think is the one everyone says to get.

    Although we have a heavy boat and do a lot of towing. We have had most years f the 700r4 and we have always had a tranny cooler on them. We only had one go out and need rebuilt and that tranny had 100K on it and pulled a boat for years. These all were in Heavy 3/4 GM Fullsize Conversion Vans.

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