You know your family isn't normal when...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mountainexplorer, Nov 30, 2005.

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    ...when your mom (age 52) considers for a moment to offer to take care of your dad's ex-wife (age 81) by moving her into our house with us instead of having my half brother (age 61) place her in a nursing home.

    If that did happen, I really would have to wonder what my dad would think if he were still alive... his second wife taking care of his first wife. :crazy:

    My nephew (who is older than me) and his wife tried to take care of her, but between her cat and her "mouth" as they said, they dropped her off at my brothers place rather than bringing her back where she was living alone in her house. And my brother finally quit drinking too. I wonder if he'll start again with his mom living with him now. :doah:

    I'm proud to be a Lundberg, but man, there's alot of unordinary things going on in this family tree.
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    As Jeff Foxworth said; "you might be a redneck if your family tree does not fork". :haha:
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    my mother and dads mom never got along. cat fights all the time. then one day thay had to mend there ways to become friends. the reason is me. i was now on the way. thay have sence beeen the best of friends.

    but on the other hand. mom was for the most part on good terms with her mom. till the truth came out and the crap hit the fan. now thay are at war.

    thay say you can pick and chose your friends but not the family. whell i guess this is the exception to that rule.

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