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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BIG*RED, Jul 12, 2005.

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    Mar 14, 2003
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    Ok so as some of you know..i painted the blazer flat black last week...since then it has been getting alot of attention..???
    yesterday while at the grocery store, a guy in a wrangler approached me, and said i had a nice looking rig, and asked if i was interested in sellng it.
    I said sure, make me an offer.(not thinking much of it)

    Well he looked it all over, inside and out, under the hood, even crawled under the blaze. asked me a buch of questions..and the said "would you take $5000 cash?"

    I said I would, and we exchanged information..he had to go home and get the "wifes permission"

    Now i have been thinking about this all day..I could use the money. But I love my blazer, and have been finding alot of things that i want and need, through the help of all of you on here. and I'm starting to get real excited about the possibility of maybe being able to start working on it again..

    Then I started thinking..what am i gonna do for transportation? and i have to move out of my place mid next week, and i have yet to find a new place, so i was kinda planning on staying in the blazer for a week or so, untill i found a place..

    So I was talking to a friend of mine, that i used to date 3 years ago. and told her my delemia..

    well she has two rides, and said that if i wanted to..i couldn't have it, and i can't buy it, because its "her baby"...but she would let me use her '71 'yota landcruiser for "as long as you need"..
    said that if she bought the parts for a tune up, and brakes, and i did the work. i could use it for free as long as i needed to..she then went on to say that she would cover all expenses, and even give me one of her gas station credit cards, so that i could save up all the money i can, untill i find a "nice replacement"

    well i thought this to be extreamly nice of her. but its kina small to "live in" for a week or thats such a huge offer..i kinda feel bad just at the thought of excepting the offer.

    and like stated above..i love my blaze..and i'm starting to get excitied about it again...

    what ae your opinions?
  2. pauly383

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    Jul 22, 2001
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    Mesa , Arizona USA
    After losing , destroying , and ridding myself of every car I loved as a Kid , I am never selling my Chevy's again . I love my Blazer more than most guys here , she was my first 4x4 , the first truck I wheeled in , my first Chevy after I grew up and settled down at the end of my crazy twenties . I am never selling it . I am actually gonna clean it up a little when my recycled born again truggy is done . If you loved your Blazer , you'd keep it . They have a soul , they are part of us . And for every guy who sells them , theres an old guy at car event saying " I used to have one just like it , I shouldn't of sold it " :D

    Now just my opinion , and I am a little on the wacky side upstairs anyway :wink1:
  3. Z3PR

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    Mar 30, 2002
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    Think cell phone, tent, and camp ground with a shower. :thinking:
  4. cbbr

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    Jul 17, 2004
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    High velocity, Low altitude
    I'm the same way with my 'Burb. Looked a long time for it, waited a long time to be able to afford it. Not going to sell it. Plus, it is quite roomy as a camp.
  5. 3 on the tree

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    Oct 16, 2004
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    gunnison colorado
    Do you NEED the money from the sale of the Blazer???? I have seen times in the past where I had to sell things that meant alot to me just to survive. Think of the Blazer as money in a savings account. Don't tap into it unless you have to.
  6. newyorkin

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    May 8, 2001
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    Los Estados Unitos
    From what I understand of your situation lately, this isn't even a question to me.

    Weigh your priorities. Is your current cashflow positive (meaning more coming in than you have going out)? You're about to be homeless. What is your plan for a home, and how much cash do you have availalbe for that?
    How much is the K5 worth? Is it worth 6 or 7k, or less than 5k? If less than $5k, then the answer is obvious, strike while the iron is hot.

    Yeah, I totally miss my K5, like crazy, but sometimes reality knocks and dreams and desires need to be put off for a while.

    In you situation, if someone walked up to you and said "Can I give you $5000", would you take it? It sounds like that's what happened to you.

    Heck, Google just picked up a rust-free 'burb for under $200. If you're that worried about it, put $2000 of this $5k in some interest-bearing account somewhere, and SURVIVE on the remaining cash for a while. That $3000 is 3 months rent for you in a little studio apartment on the outskirts or something. and you'll now have $2000 in reserve, to be used for your next K5 or for absolute/dire/near-death emergency.

    I like the cell-phone/campground/tent idea. I think if I were in your shoes, I'd see how possible that is for a couple months to save a few rents... It might really suck after a week, or it might be true freedom in living... If ya ask me, not enough of us Americans get back in touch with the world like that. I'd love to take a month a year just living out in the wilderness, hunting and fishing for dinner...

    On another note, don't be surprised if he never calls you back, or if he calls you back with an ultra-lowered offer. That's just part of the selling process...
  7. diesel4me

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    Jul 24, 2003
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    he who hesitates is lost...

    For 5000 bucks,I'd probably sell BOTH of my trucks!...since I'm nearly broke,and could be homeless myself any day when my mom dies,I cant be too attached to the trucks..I feel the same way as many other here--I HATE losing ANY of my vehicles(the fact I kept my 74 K20 for 15 years is proof!--and I've had my van since 1990 too!)..

    .I have sold an 86 VW diesel Jetta and regretted it,especially now,with fuel prices so high(and me so broke)...also sold an El-Camino,GMC Cabalaro in the past 6 years..I liked them,but I needed a 4x4 more than a 2 seater"truck" that could not carry much of anything...My 79 C10 might have to go soon--I cant afford insurance on 3 vehicles any more,and since gas is so expensive I hardly drive it anyway...I'd sell it for 1500,but I doubt anyone will want to spend that much for an old truck around here..not many people have a lot of cash to throw around here....

    In your situation,I'd have taken the 5 grand and RUN!--there is likely many rust free trucks in your area for a lot less than that,you could probably buy another truck AND have 3 grand left to live on!...and I'd say the campground/tent idea beats sleeping in ANY vehicle..its safer for one,and you have a shower available daily...your female friend probably wont like what her truck will smell like if you sleep in it for a week or more with no shower! :blush:

    I know it hurts to sell a truck you have invested a lot of time and money on--but I've come to realize they are just trucks--and there are plenty of other where that one came have to learn to let go sometime,and after all the work I did on my 74's body,and the drivetrain,I wished I HAD sold it sooner and got some cash back--I kept it until the bitter end and had to scrap it,and only got 225 bucks,plus I kept the motor and a few other things..probably could have sold it for 1500 during our bad winter last year with the plow,had I sold it before the tranny lost reverse! :doah:

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