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Aug 20, 2011
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The stock 3.5” exhaust with a deleted cat and deleted muffler would be a great cheap alternative to get rid of restrictive exhaust flow and will not be as loud as a 4” exhaust. It would also help with the egts. After taking the cat off, sell it to a recycling company and it would pay for your exhaust modifications. The LBZ cats are going for about $250 at my work.

Having a tow tune would help with the transmission shifting points so that it does not bog down at lower RPMs and increase egts when down shifting into a lower rpm. The more effort the motor/trans has to make, the less mpg, higher egts and wasted fuel you will get. By adding more power with a trans tune, it will increase your tow mpg because there is less effort and stress and the adjusted shifts will keep that turbo spinning at the correct rpm to keep the power band where you want it.

When I ordered the tune, it asks for tire size. They send me the unit blank, I download the TCM file and send it back to them. Then they create the tune and ship it all back! The tune should calibrate the speedo/tach with the current 265 tires.
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