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On a warm winters day you find yourself in the light of the afternoon pouring a glass of your favorite whiskey, over rocks in a chilled glass. Your hands guide themselves down and begin to thumb through your old vinyl record collection. You let out an exaggerated, “Ahh huh” as you slowly pull out ‘Aerosmith - Rocks’. After taking a sip of whiskey and smelling the old dust — that has risen off the vinyl sleeve, you carefully and eagerly place the needle in the groove…… “Im back in the saddle...
Well, there has been a lot of turd polishing over the years, and I've amassed quite a collection of photos. It sat for the last 2 years with a broken engine (busted motor number 2) and i just swapped in a decent used one -All fired up and ready to do some wheeling again this winter and spring! In honor of its most recent resurrection, I guess its time for a mostly retroactive build thread?? Not sure I can put accurate dates on all the modifications, but should be able to keep them in...
Converting to 4 links and coilovers
Converting to 4 links and coilovers
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