10 bolt axles, gears, wheels

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    Nov 4, 2002
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    Front 10B (hubs, rotors, spindles, knuckles, carrier, 3.08 ring and pinion, housing, calipers)

    Rear 10B complete. 3.08s

    4" lift blocks w/ ubolts, spring plates $25

    shot stock rear springs w/ shackles, one leaf broke twice

    backing plates w/ all brake hardware still installed and drums from a 14bff. 13x2.5" $30

    If you need anything from these axles let me know. The above items need to go ASAP. Otherwise they are going to get scrapped by end of this month.

    4 - 15x10 Eagle 589s 6lug $200
    2 - Aluminum steps need cleaning $20




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