12bolt gov-lok , 10 bolt posi questions.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by moturbopar, Feb 12, 2005.

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    Hi all I a have a 79 blazer that I am swapping the axles out of. I purchased a set of axles thinking that they were open 3.73 geared 10 and 12 bolts. The problem is that I was getting ready to install my lockrite in my 12bolt when I found that it had the gov-lok. As for the 10 bolt it was an open diff but has 3.90 gears in it, (glad I got them cheap) anyways I am trying to decide on what I should do here. Should I run the gov lok or sell it, Should I just go ahead and put 4.10 in the 12bolt that I have and run my lockright? The 10 bolt it is getting a posi unit and either 4.10 gears or 3.73s depending on which route I go. Whith the posi unit in the 10 bolt helping pull the blazer along would the 12bolt gov-lok hold up to anything. Oh, I am running 33s and do desert offroading, so no mud or snow.
    Sorry for so many questions. Thanks
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    Out here the axles themselves will live with 33's , the Gov Loc won't . Don't bother with front posi out here either , it won't grab anything without some wheelspin . So you have 2 10 bolts and 2 12 bolts now . If you are having someone set your gears up for you have him set up open carriers , and use the lockrights . Pitch the other housings , or save them for later use , and sell the Gov Loc on Ebay where idiots buy them and pay well . Put the leftover spider gears and axles in your truck for trail spares . Many of us AZ guys are running 12 bolts out here :k5: :k5:

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