14 bolt lock up.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by shaun, May 2, 2005.

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    Apr 22, 2003
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    So I am driving to work today on a flat straight piece of road at about 40 - 45 mph when suddenly both my reat tires lock up and I slide to a stop. I get out and look.

    Driveline looked fine,
    ujoint looked fine,
    tranny and t case looked fine,
    rear axle looked fine.

    I had to move the truck off the road so I gave it some gas broke something free in the rear end and drove it about a 100 ft and off the road.

    Pulled the shafts out and they looked fine and gear oil came out. Thats good.
    Pulled the cover off the rear end and there is metal shavings (they look like a bearing cage the metal piece that holds all the rollers in place)
    Pulled the driveline and was able to spin the carrier. There was a clicking noise. What could that be. We looked at the pinion bearing and carrier bearings as we spun the carrier. They looked fine but I cant tell. What do you think will cause this. Could my wheel bearings lock up and cause this? carrier bearings, pinion bearings?

    Also I have finished my 63" spring swap about a week ago and been driving with those. They are so soft my axle hops or kinda bounces a little at low speeds. I also had spooled the rear end the same time we did the spring swap. Could this slight hop cause to much stress on the pinion bearing. How can I fix this hop. I guess axle wrap bars. On a ood note With a fork lift I can lift all the tires more than 39 inches (39 1/8 in the front and 43 1/2 in the rear) THat is good right. Cant wait to put the 57s in the front.
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    When we lost an outer wheel bearing in our Dodge 2500 its symptoms were very similar to what you describe....

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