14bolt swap, blocks, longer ubolts, conversion joints, disk brakes, DS ang

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jjlaughner, Jun 4, 2004.

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    First, will I get any lift from swapping in a 14bff over my 10bolt? I have a zerorate in the rear but it still sits a little low.

    next what is the conversion ujoint and how will the driveshaft be affected angle-wise with the 14bolt swap? Is the pinion nose of the 14bolt longer, lower, will it need more or less angle?

    I'm running a 10bolt with 3* shims and a zerorate on 4" rear springs and the rear still sits a little low and on hard acceleration it still has some vibes.
    All the joints seem OK just wondering if the rear axle is pointed up to high? I have the transfercase lowered. Will the longer nose on the 14bolt help or hinder angle in this situation?

    Should I go ahead and order a 2" rear non-offset block at 3* or just get a 2" block and try using my shims again. Should I raise the transfercase back up and slide the 14bolt under then try to guestimate a degree then order the X* non-offset blocks?

    I want to use the zerorate thats in there now in the front of my other truck (so pulling it in favor of the 2" is ok). I have to buy 14bolt ubolts so I want to get them long enough to do the 2" block also (the 10bolt ubolts I have now are just flush with the top of the nuts with just the zerorate and shim). So I want to kill a few birds with the 14bolt swap (vibes, angled non-offset blocks (from azkickin), ubolts and driveshaft length with 6" of lift vs the longer nose of a 14bolt).

    Anyone else with a 14bolt 4" springs and 2" blocks? I'd like to reuse the driveshaft, no funds for new lines on this truck yet. I'll be doing good to get the swap done! /forums/images/graemlins/ignore.gif

    Ideas, comments suggestions /forums/images/graemlins/ears.gif

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