14sf 6 lug disc brakes

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    Here is some help for those of you who are wanting disc brakes for your6 lug 14sf. I did the same conversion on mine and it is setup really well. The following diagrams show dimensions of the brake bracket essentially the same as I made mine. The first shows bracket specs and the second is the caliper mounting hole specs. This setup is not bolt on and the brackets will need to be welded to the axle tubes due to the distance to the backing plate mounting surface. I used the discs off the front of a 89-98 K1500 pickup and put the rotors on the outside of the shafts so they are a slip off design. The only things to worry about is when welding to the axle tube, be sure not to deform the tube as it is very near where the bearing is and the metal isnt as thick there. After I welded it in, just to be safe I welded in some 3/8 plate a few inches long I had laying around and welded it from the bracket to the backing plate mount. Im not sure if different disc pads are interchangable, but I had to grind off the piece of metal that follows the contour of the disc on the outer most pad (For 76-78 caddy calipers). This was not a big modification and it does not copromises the function of the pad. Without this, the bracket and caliper would not clear 15 inch wheels.

    I want to send thanks to Muddytazz who helped draw the brackets on CAD software.

    I hope this helps somebody in the CK5 community

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