16" 8 lug steel wheel options?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by fordslayer383, Feb 6, 2005.

    does anyone have those rockcrawler series 99 or 97 wheels that sorta have that 'baja' look?? i am intrested in them and i want to run a lt315 75r 16 (35") what would be the best width? photos anyone????
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    I just ordered up a set of 5 315/75r-16 Goodyear MTR's from America's Tire and I'm going to go with the 16x10 Unique model 297 which are a black steel rim, although I'm toying with going chrome. I'll shoot a pic or two when I get them but it will be about a week or so. I looked at the fake bead lock model 152's from Rock Crawler but they look like they would be a rust bucket just waiting to happen. There is no place for water, dirt, and mud to go when you get it behind that fake bead lock ring. The Unique 297's are exactly the same as the Rock Crawler Series 97.

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