1940's chevy step side

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by IDGMC, Nov 9, 2006.

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    Well I picked up an old chevy step side bed that someone has converted into a trailer. For $40 I just couldn't pass it up. Well I saw it in the light for the first time the other day. Looks like i'll need to replace the springs as they are saggin pretty bad. Any idea what a junk yard will charge for a used set of springs? I figure i'll just measure the eye to eye and try and match that with what ever they have. I do have visions of taking this bed off and puttin it on a built 60's or 70's 4x4
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    I'd just put some leaf or coil helper springs in it for now,since the truck you might put it on eventually will likely have good springs..they can be had for 25 bucks at Auto-Zone..a boneyard will get about 50-100 bucks for a decent set of leaf springs here---you can buy new ones for 80-150 each,depending on the number of leafs,etc..most boneyards here also sell the new ones,and prefer too,rather than cut old ones off, that might be cracked or rusty..the price isnt that much higher for new in most cases..

    I sold a guy with a 50's Chevy pickup some springs off a 70's chevy van,they were narrow like his originals,and the length was just about right--not sure if older trucks were the same though..:crazy:

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