1967 long steel bed swap/GAS TANK

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stevos67k20, Sep 24, 2006.

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    i know this doesn't belong here but its all i can do. can i keep my bedsides when i trash my wood bed and get a steel one from a junkyard? its a long bed from a 67 K20. my wood bed is totally going to crap and makes a ton of noise. its so rotten i can pick up my bed at the corners about half an inch.

    one more thing: when i have my bed off i want to replace my two custom side tanks and get a large 40 gallon gas tank for the rear of the truck. ive heard of this swap unfortunatly i dont know what tank to get and i dont know if it will fit in my 1st gen frame rails. i think the tank is a suburban tank of some year but i dont know. thank you gentlemen youve always been a big help. :truck: :1zhelp:

    yes i searched, till my eyes bled.....:doah: :wink1: :D
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    Yes you can keep the sides. IIRC...the front bed panel and rear cross sill (sp?)are different. Just be sure to take the front bed panel. There are a couple spot welds that hold the bed sides to the rear cross sill at the base of the rear stake pockets. Check out 67-72chevytrucks.com or classicheartbeat.com, there is a write up on those sites about the gas tank swap. Hope this helps.

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