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    I've almost completed a month long project to reseal and replace most of my '73 k5's small block 350. I'm down to the little stuff that gives you fits. I'd love to get this thing out of the garage this weekend and hope someone can help with a few questions:

    The fuel lines and EVAP system were REALLY jacked-up by the previous owner (stuff plugged of with hose and golf tee's all over the place even the charcoal canister wasn't fully intact) so I had no honest image of where the connections were during tear down. In addition, I've been combing my shop manuals (including the GM original from '73) and still can't get a grasp of where all the lines should run.

    Do I need a vacuum port on my manifold for the EVAP? If so, I'm SOL cause I replaced it with a non-emission Edelbrock. As far as I can tell you've got a line in from the gas tank (the vent) and two lines out 1) to the PCV line and 2) another to a vacuum port. Correct?

    Where the hell is the return line for the fuel pump? There are only three lines coming off my tank's sending unit. One runs up to join the filler neck and the other two run along the frame to the engine compartment. These I assume are the feed line and vent line but isn't there suppossed to be a return line also? The fuel pump has a return on it but it may not be the original and it may not be correct?!? Did the '73 K5 not have a return line?

    Thank again for any help.

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