1977 GMC Jimmy Project in AZ

Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by thedrip, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Well, looks like I'm moving to Hawaii right after christmas, so my long and drawn out K5 project either needs to be sold, or put into storage for a year or two (not planning on staying forever, but we'll see). Anyway, this is what it is..

    1977 GMC Jimmy

    350ci engine, kinda tired but runs

    th350 tranny, works when the tranny pan doesn't leak

    freshly rebuilt np203 w/ mile marker part time kit

    d44 front axle with early (external hub) 8 lug outers. all new bearings and seals, brand new limited slip, 4.10 gears. Stock shafts, new u-joints. Flat top knuckles both milled & drilled, with Skye parts steering arms on both sides. 0 miles (not even 10 ft of pushing) on it. Calipers ground to clear 15's.

    Brand new (still hasn't had fluid in it) 2wd box w/ 4" drop pitman arm for crossover (no draglink, old bent stock tie-rod on the axle right now)

    Eaton HO72 rear axle, open 4.10's. Stock drum brakes. Opened it up and looks good, never driven on it.

    15x8 8 lug wheels, white wagon style, never driven on, 50% 31" BFG AT's mounted as rollers.

    Front suspension is 4" lift springs. Rrear suspension is stock 52's with plasmacutter shackle flip and extended shackles.

    Interior is stripped. 2 buckets from a 89 s-blazer mounted to the stock seat brackets, dash has no cover. Interior is entirely bare steel except for gauge pod and door panels.

    Windshield is broken, front door glass is good, removeable top glass (fixed, not sliding) is good, have glass panel for power tailgate, not in truck.

    Body is *ROUGH*. perfect trail truck, cuz ya just won't care. Thats why I bought it. Or truggy or buggy it. The fenders are crooked, the doors barely close, not a pnel is straight.

    Title is in my name, clean, no registration

    Things this truck needs to put on the trail:
    Brake lines
    Drive shafts
    Tranny pan gasket
    one brake light
    An overly developed sense of machismo and masochism in the same person.

    Asking $1500, I know it's a bit high so make offers. Remember I ain't desperate to sell it, I will store it and finish it later if no one wants it.

    Located in East Mesa (east end of the Phoenix valley).

    Edit: Will also include all the spare parts I can muster up, which ain't a terrible lot, but includes another set of 52's, and I forgot the truck ahs a real nice grant steering wheel on it right now.

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