1979 blazer emissions equipment/air pump?

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    Hi all. I bought a 79 blazer a month ago and dont know much about these years chevys. I am trying to figure out what emmissions equipment is supposed to be on this blazer. The truck has the gm 330hp 350HO crate motor with vortec heads, so I am kinda screwed on the EGR thing unless I can figure out some way to do an external EGR, or rig a dummy EGR and hope the person who tests it doesnt know what they are looking at :D . It has new 2.5" dual exhast with cats, so the exhaust is OK but I am not sure if this year used the A.I.R. pump or not, the brackets and exhaust manifolds look original and dont have any mount or ports for an air pump, but all that could have been changed with the engine :confused:. If anyone knows about the air pump could you please let me know?
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    There is only two intakes I know of for Vortecs with EGR , and they are Both fuel injected intakes and EGR is plumbed from exhaust to intake . One is factory late 90's intake , the other is Factory two , but designed for older TBI's with Vortec heads . Sorry

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