1979 GMC tie rod question?!?!?!??! CONFUSED~~~

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RootBreaker, Jul 8, 2004.

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    Ok we all know that I bought a parts truck a long time ago.... for $500

    anyhow... ABC autoparts was going out of business so I got a left and right tierod for $45... left was supposed to be $89 and right was $45 so I did good....

    well I went to finally put it on tonight... after about 1 month of having it... Well the adapter piece that holds them together was too small... so I went to advanced auto parts.. bought a new one and it was too small....seems that I had a left tie rod end piece which was too small and I needed the right one...

    so now I have what I need but here is my questions..

    1. does anyone have a pic of what was supposed to be on a 1979 gmc d60? the one I took off is thinner than the one I am putting on
    2. is there supposed to be just tie rod ends on both sides with a pipe in the middle? I have a 5' left tie rod bar and a shortie passenger side.

    You can see what I had on this pic.. IT IS A BIG PIC!!!

    anyhow... you can also notice that there is a hole near the middle for the steering stabalizer.. well I dont need it in the middle as the new one has it near the drivers side end..... oh well
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    The tie rod in the picture looks like the one on a '73 d44 that I have, with the drop down ends and the steering stabilizer hole in the middle.

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