1983 3/4T Suburban, 454, 4x4...NO SMOG!!

Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by 90blzr, Jul 17, 2006.

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    Posting this up for a friend. Its a 1983 Suburban 4x4. It used to be a diesel rig, so its registered as such, which means no smog for us California people. It has 454 in it now. TH400 tranny, etc. Stock everything. It hasnt been beat up at all. Has a BIG heavy duty bumper on the front with winch. It was a guys hunting truck, so the back seat is out and its all lined for easy of loading/unloading hunted animals, etc. Real nice set up. Interior is clean for this old of a truck. Outside is very straight with the exception of one dent at the back quarter, maybe 8" or so, nothing major. 76,000 original miles. Pain is silver and blue wit the silver being faded as all the older metallic paint jobs do. Power windows and door locks. Windows are slow (normal) I dont have any pictures, but the burban is located in Fullerton/Placentia area. Pm me if interested and I can get some more info, etc. Asking $3300 obo.

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