WA 1986 K30 Crewcab


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Jun 9, 2002
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Stevens Pass Highway, WA
I know the seller on this one and have talked to him through the best way to deal with this truck many times over.


Daily driver! SRW K30 crew cab, named "Crew Crab"; GREAT running truck, frame is straight, mechanically, will do 85mph all day long, and the body has a few dents and rust in the usual areas BUT not as bad as I have seen on some trucks.

410 gears, sm456, Dana 60 up front, full floating 14 bolt in the rear, 350 motor, and np205. Nearly everything has been replaced or rebuilt. I have a work log of everything I have done to it for the last two years.

Owned it for 2 years, driven it all over Washington State and through Oregon, it has done a few 11+ hours without issue. This truck, unlike most out there for sale is ready to drive from one end of the continent to the other. I have over $11,000.00 into the truck and 450 hours fixing it. Just put a brand new battery and some hydraulic lines into it.

It tows, it hauls, ONE pump of the pedal and it fires right up in the cold(as ALL these trucks should BUT often don't).

Needs body work(or just drive it), one saddle tank is bad(you can pull one from one of my other trucks), the front rotors are ever-so-slightly warped, AND for an extra $850.00 I'll throw in a '86 manual/tilt steering column(rarer than gold, seriously).

The price is $8,400 cash, if your trading, well then the trade had better be worth atleast $11,000.00 because that's what I have into it.

Things I would consider as a "PARTIAL" or whole trade are:

Roofing, carpentry, ammo, brush hog or PTO driven wood chipper in the 65hp range, hay bales, and/or dead insects

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