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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mouse, Nov 16, 2005.

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    I've been looking for a cheap way to convert over to a TBI system and found a 1989 suburban for sale locally. It has 92,xxx miles and the body is almost perfect. There is no rust and only a small dent in the drivers rear qtr panel. The bumpers are a little tweeked. The engine has a blown head gasket - or atleast that is what the owner says. And because the head gasket went, the heater core was busted too, and is out. The dash is apart, but everything is there. The interior is nearly perfect except for faded carpeting and a very loose tilt column.

    The engine looks 100% factory, and the wiring looks unmolested. I tried to spin the motor with a wrench, but it is locked tight. I think there is water in a cylinder or two from the head gasket failure. The rad has ice in it...hopefully the engine doesn't have any damage from the recent cold nights. We've got down close to 20 in the last few days. We moved it into his garage, and I'll look at it tomorrow before I decide to buy.

    Why did I post. Well, he's asking $750, and I think I would feel bad parting it out with such a nice body and interior. The trans (700R4) and TC are dry on the outside (no leaks), and supposed to be in good shape.

    Should I fix the headgasket and slap a carb on it to sell, or part it totally out? Either way the TBI system is landing on the blazer. (I'll have to find a blazer gas tank)

    Is a near-perfect sub body, nice interior, trans, and questionable long block worth it?
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    Depends on what the insides of the motor look like.
    If it is not too bad i say rebuild it and resell it. If it is all rusty and chewed up then part it out.

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