1990 Suburban Power steering leak

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by cbbr, Oct 2, 2004.

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    I have a leak (obviously). 3/4 ton 350tbi 4x4 95k original miles. leaks about 1/2 quart per week with regular driving. I can't seem to locate the leak. Any one have any suggetstions regarding common failures?
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    Wow, your first post and no one bites? Well let me be the first to respond and say welcome to CK5. I too have had my share of problems. I just waited until it was so bad that you couldn't help but see where that waterfall was coming from, but it happened quick. There are a lot of places for this leak to start.

    Pressure line and return line
    Steering box seals
    Pump seals
    Any and all fittings and connections

    Since you have a '90, I believe that you have the O-ring style fittings on your box, pop off the lines and make sure those are good.

    The return line is simple and cheap to replace, just a rubber hose with a couple of hose clamp. Check both hoses for chaffing wherever they come in contact with something else.

    As far as the seals in the pump and box go, that gonna require either some experience or a lot of guts. The first step is to locate that leak. Could be where the steering column comes into the box, or where the pitman shaft comes out of it. The pump can leak in a few places too.

    Clean things up wherever there is fluid on stuff, then have someone steer the truck back and forth and look for leaks. Good luck!

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