1992 Fullsize Blazer

Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by yunit, Jun 2, 2005.

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    Nothing fancy, would be a good project vehicle.

    $1500 obo, trades considered, partial trades, might even part it out.

    The rockers are rotted out on the outside, 1/4's are starting to on the outside, paint is peeling off of the roof, driver side front fender is rotted on the lip (have an oem replacement), exhaust leak on the pass side collector. The engine has low oil pressure, about 15-20lbs when warmed up, been like this for over two years and has not gotten any worse and the engine has around 140k on it. Also, the truck needs a tune up and maybe an intake gasket, I added some bars leak last year and it stopped using water. Driver side key lock is broken. Interior lights have a short some place; have never had time to troubleshoot it, the fuse keeps popping.

    The good...
    The trans is perfect, switched it over to synthetic about 2 years ago (30k miles) and it has not used any fluid and the fluid looks new. The transfer case is perfect and the 4 wheel drive has never given me a problem. The floors are perfect, no rust or rot at all. Has a newer set of 31" uniroyals. Has a plow mount, but no plow.

    I wish I had the space to store it, because I would love to make it into a trail truck with a SAS in the future.



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