1997 Camaro Anniversary edition

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by 88K5Jimmy, May 19, 2005.

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    So far this is all I know about the car:

    LT1-70,000 miles
    doesn't get driven that much anymore
    white with orange stripes
    white wheels

    I just found out about this car yesterday and have done a little researching. There are two different versions of the white and orange striped car, the Z28 and SS. I don't know if the car is an SS or Z28 right now. Do any of you guys know anything about them? I know the orange and white cars and a throwback to the 6? pace car, which is really cool. My bro-in laws dad says he can get the car at a "real good price", he has to get a price for me and we'll see if its "real good".

    It looks like this car, but this isn't the car. However, if it is an SS it has a different hood I know of for sure.
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    There's only one version of the car.. SS Z28. GM, in conjunction with SLP engineering, only made a thousand of these 30th anniversary editions, although all 1997 camaros had the "30th anniversary" logo on the headrests. What sets these apart looks wise is of course the stripes, and it'll either have white leather or houndstooth seats.

    SLP engineering took delivery of Z28's right from GM, ( starting in 1996 )and modified them, calling them SS camaros. GM didn't refer to or badge them as super sport cars, but many enthusiasts call them that. SLP had some engine and exhaust mods which upped the horsepower a bit.

    Here's a link for ya:


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