2.75" D44 spring plates - $25

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by botboy, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Hoping I can sell these here, seeing as how everybody wants an upgrade and these are stock, half ton pieces :D

    Anyway, these are a pair of D44 front spring plates from my '71 K5 blazer. I don't need them anymore as I upgraded to an 8-lug 3/4 ton front axle that has 3" OD tubes, and the old spring plates won't fit the 3" OD tubes (the stock D44 for that year has 2.75" OD Tubes), I bought the correct ones off another CK5 member and am looking to sell these.

    Stock, rusty I'd like to get $25 shipped (to the US) for the pair of them
    I do have the facilities to powdercoat, for $35 I'll sandblast and powdercoat them your choice of 15% gloss black, 110% midnight black gloss, cream, soda fountain (coca-cola) red or onyx black and ship to the US. I take paypal.

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